Diagnosis & Evaluation

Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Service is the area leader in tree treatment and diagnostics. Our ISA Certified Arborists are highly trained in diagnosing tree problems. We offer science-based solutions for the insect, disease, and environmental stressors affecting the health of your trees and shrubs. It is important to understand that while insects and disease can be very detrimental, these are often secondary stressors. To effectively care for the tree, we need to determine the primary cause for decline or increased stressor susceptibility.

Getting Started

There is no charge for a site visit in the Lincoln, NE, area. This will include basic evaluation and diagnosis. Your ISA Certified Arborist will:

  • Positively identify the problem that your tree is experiencing.*
  • Discuss all possible treatment options.
  • Measure your trees for an accurate price estimate.
  • Provide an itemized treatment plan detailing the problem, treatment procedure and cost of cure.

*Please note: While this basic analysis will cover most issues, there are times where further diagnostic is needed, involving equipment, lab costs, and/or various testing. These costs will be detailed and you will have the option to continue with the process or stop at that point with no charge.

Diagnostic Services & Pricing

  • Insect & Disease Diagnosis/Estimate: No Charge
  • Basic Tree/Shrub Health Assessment: No Charge
  • Tree Identification/Inventory Map: $90/Hour
  • Plan Tissue Analysis (lab & site time plus lab fee): $90/Hour (+ lab fee)
  • Tree Structure Evaluations (on ground evaluation): $125/Hour
  • Tree structure Evaluations (with aerial lift/climber): $240/Hour
  • Root Flare/Collar Examination (Basic): $150/Hour
  • Root Flare/Collar Examination (Air Spade): $390 Min ($250/Hour)
  • Soil Testing (lab cost dependent on specific test): $79 (+ lab cost)
  • Soil Drainage Assessments: $150/Hour
  • Soil Density Analysis (Compaction): $75
  • Consultation (walk through & treatment plan for DIY): $150/Hour

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