Insect Control

Insects are not a common cause of residential lawn damage in the Lincoln area with the exception of white grub. However, certain species may occasionally damage or kill turfgrass. Insect feeding can cause grass to turn yellow or brown or die, especially if the grass is already stressed. Damage usually begins in small, scattered patches, which may merge into large dead areas. However, lack of proper cultural care and use of inappropriate grass species in a particular location are much more likely to cause unhealthy or dying lawns than insects.

Should I Treat for Lawn Insects?

There are a few insects in our area that have the potential to cause significant damage, necessitating renovation. If your lawn is looking stressed, it is best to get things checked out. Our Certified Lawn Technicians will:

  • Properly diagnose the lawn disease or insect problem.
  • Carefully formulate a plan to target your lawn’s specific disease or insect problem.
  • Offer either a preventative treatment or a curative treatment when problems already exist, depending on the lawn disease or insect problem.

Mosquito, Tick, Flea & Chigger Control

While these pests will not adversely affect the health of your lawn, they may impact your enjoyment of it.

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